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Set up a ConsertaSmart - Market Leading Technical Assistance. Book your city, international expansion.


ConsertaSmart is the national leader in technical support for smartphones. With more than 350 franchised units throughout Brazil, it has become a reference in fast maintenance of smartphones and tablets.

The network uses online systems and processes, aiming at transparency in the execution of services. All courses and training are certified to ensure total quality in customer service,

Find out about the project in the reports. The reports were shown on channels such as Globo, Bandeirantes and SBT.

Do you want to see more reports about ConsertaSmart? Link.

Great Market Share

The growth of the smartphone market in Brazil and in the world is a reality, we already occupy the 4th World Market. Every minute in 2014 98 handsets are sold in the country. 125 million mobile phones and smartphones break each year, with 68% coming from falls or water not covered by the guarantee. Upon entering this business, the entrepreneur will participate in this market with the brand and support of ConsertaSmart

125 million mobile phones and smartphones break each year, with 68% coming from falls or water not covered by the guarantee.

Revista venda de franquia

How does it work?

By acquiring ConsertaSmart's concession for only R $ 18,900, an entrepreneur will receive all the necessary support to open his unit, training, tools, management system, visual identity and so on. Next, report Super Interesting Magazine.

Who can have a ConsertaSmart?

Any entrepreneur, we do not require a technical profile. To take the course, we advise the person to have a minimum of computer knowledge. If the person does not have this knowledge, he/she can select someone (employee or trainee) to take the course.

Franquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmart
Franquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmart
Franquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmart
Franquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmartFranquia ConsertaSmart

Other Advantages,

Do you know ConsertaSmart ?

The ConsertaSmart network was founded by entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in the IT and Technology market in Brazil. ConsertaSmart started its activities in the city of Campinas, today one of the technological centers in Brazil. There are numerous IT universities, as well as Unicamp and PUC here. In its first unit, ConsertaSmart started a process of standardization and new techniques for repairs in record time. As a result, the unit has gained thousands of customers in the region, as well as in neighboring cities. With the high demand for service, the brand invested in creating the first repair franchise in the Brazilian market. In addition to being the largest chain with 400 stores, the brand was also a pioneer in this type of market. Using its own integrated systems, the brand began its expansion within the state of São Paulo, and consequently throughout Brazil. In addition to its pioneering spirit, the brand currently has the largest database of information on repairs, assistance, manuals and technical solutions in Brazil. We have performed over 1 million repairs, all documented with photos and technical explanations. ConsertaSmart has become not only a repair franchise but also the largest specialized site on the subject in Latin America. Today the ConsertaSmart website holds 86% of the market share in this type of research in Latin America. One of the reasons for this to happen is the brand's integrated system, which stores information from all the stores in the chain on a daily basis. Absolute leader in Brazil, ConsertaSmart started its international expansion and the translation of all this content into 7 different languages. The goal is to become not only the largest repair franchise in the world, but also the largest repair content portal in 7 languages. Today, there are 1,200 direct and indirect employees who are a part of this team.

Different course and methodology
One of the goals when we created our training course for technicians and franchisees was to do it differently. Current repair and other maintenance courses teach how to repair a device, but do not focus on the commercial and administrative part of the unit. During 1 year our technical course has singled out all problems related to smartphones and with that we created a differentiated training flowchart, where the technician can follow the steps performing tests and reach the final solution using our flowchart. With the largest database on the subject, technicians can consult our system, select the device, the type of defect and the system itself will show him step-by-step how to solve a certain defect. In addition, our system has training videos and new videos with updates are posted in our online training module. All videos have technical tests that must be performed, so franchisees and technicians have a score according to the tests. That's why at ConsertaSmart people who have never had experience in IT before achieve excellent results in this type of business.

Know-How of the Major
Know-How is practical knowledge. After 1 million repairs carried out today, ConsertaSmart has the greatest know-how on how to operate this type of store in Latin America. We have detailed technical information but that is not all. Our team is focused on results. That's why we have a commercial and not a technical soul. Our commercial strategies are aggressive and focused on invoicing for your unit. Since implementation, we have focused not only on your technical quality, but on your unit's billing. We have information of how many devices you need to capture daily to reach your break-even, as well as to reach your expected financial result.

Technical Course:

-Conserto Apple
-Repair of Samsung
-Repair of Motorola

-Repair of LG

-Repair of Sony

-Repair of other brands (Xiaomi, Alcatel and others)

Commercial Course:

-Sales Approach

-Marketing Approach

-Use of the system

-Juridical Approach

-Administrative Approach

What is this commercial franchise course about ?

Every day we generate thousands of LEADS for our franchisees. These leads are potential customers. We have managed to do this at least 20 times more than our competitors, since we have the most accessed site in Latin America in the field. We send you customers with the data such as name, phone, WhatsApp and email. But to take the right approach you need to use our sales techniques. By receiving our LEADS and with the right approach you will be able to convert these LEADS directly to your store's customers.

Today there are 1.200 people in the chain. The exchange of experience is essential. Unlike other larger networks, today we record more than 800 technical content a day in our database. The ConsertaSmart community feeds a powerful database of information. A technician who encounters a new issue can consult our system and will surely find a technical record on the subject.

Total Technical Support
In addition to our database that today has more than 1 million repairs filed we have WhatsApp groups with franchisees for technical support. Headquarters technicians with CREA (Regional Engineering Council) available at any time will help with your doubts. But don't forget that we will provide you not just with technical support. You are supposed to get:

Commercial Support

It is carried out by a team with extensive commercial experience. Today this department is headed by our Commercial Manager who has already participated in the management of chains such as FNAC and large franchise chains such as Supermercados Dia.

Marketing Support

Our team is led by professionals who in addition to a degree in marketing specialize in Digital Marketing and Social Networks.

Moreover, we will provide you with Juridical Support, Deployment Support and Administrative support.

Deployment Support

In its implementation, we help with the location of the unit, and we send the entire store project with the details such as:


-Internal Adhesive

-and everything that will be necessary for your store to follow our brand manual.

Expansion of the Mix of Services

If the franchisee wishes, he can also carry out maintenance on other devices such as:

- TV

- video games

- home appliances.

A special training course can be carried out to provide technical assistance to such devises.

Recieve a kit to start your store

We send a special kit with all the necessary equipment to start your store and you will get a training on it.

Constant Technical Training
-There are a number of advanced board repair courses as well as countless technical updates.

-After the first course you will be able to schedule new courses or technical updates for your new employees at no cost.

-Futhermore, new courses are always available online.
-Face-to-face training for franchisees and their employees

Major channel of parts distribution

- As the largest network, we have numerous partnerships with national distributors

- Special prices for franchisees

- More than 300 registered suppliers.

- New partnerships are made constantly.

Best conditions for paying by card in Credit and Debit

- Partnership with card operators

- Best taxes due to the volume of the network

- Exclusive negotiable conditions for ConsertaSmart

Approved Accessories Suppliers
-Within our list of 300 suppliers, we have suppliers of



-Power Bank

-and others

ConsertaSmart integrated system with the following options within the system:

-Opening Service Order with checklist and photos
-Service Order Management
-Service Status responding via WhatsApp and email
-Informing a customer about the estimated expenses via email
-Estimated expenses Receiving System (Leads)
-Responding about estimated expenses via WhatsApp and email
-Accessories sales module with barcode
-Sales Report and Cash of the Day
-Product and Parts Registration
-Suppliers Registration
-Purchase Order Registration
-Your Suppliers
-List of Network Providers
-Product movement history
-ABC Curve Report
-Inventory report
-Advertising module with arts and logos
-Email Marketing
-WhatsApp Marketing
-Classifications (possibility of advertising your pieces to other stores)
-Payable accounts
-User and Technician Control
-Financial Report
-Reviews from your customers
-National Curriculum Base for research
-Support for device videos
-Support for trouble solving
-Support by Device Search
-Access to all supports made from the network
-Training module with training videos
-Evidence module to test videos

Within ConsertaSmart system we have a special marketing directory where a franchesee can find the objects available for:

-Official Logo
-T-shirts and a uniform
-Flyer and pamphlet
-Vídeos of the brand for disclosure reception
-Custom Folder
-Fonts that are being used
-Complete brand manual
-Jingle (Music)
-Product packaging
-Car magnet
-Custom car trash
-Inauguration banner
-Business card
-Custom Pen
-Custom rug
-Letterhead paper
-Posts of commemorative dates for social media (Constant monthly update)

Advertising of ConsertaSmart - Great advantage of the brand
We make sure that ConsertaSmart is well and often advertized which brings a great flow of Leads for the network. Down below you can find several advertisement events we have already carried out:

- Major website of Latin America with thousands of accesses every day providing thousands of customers daily

- Brand Road Signs

- Interviews for various TV channels and their programs:
Rede Globo - Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios

Rede Globo - Jornal Bom dia Brasil

Rede Globo - Jornal EPTV
Rede Globo - Jornal JA

Rede Globo - GloboNews
SBT - Jornal do SBT
Record - Jornal da Record

Record - Jornal SP no Ar

Bandeirantes - Programa mundo empresarial

Newspaper Exame
Newspaper Veja


and others.

ConsertaSmart operation pattern

The system controls all the intormation flow within your store, that's why we have a standardized operation system.
After the service order is opened, the customer receives updates by email of each status and can also follow the repair process online through the website. This is when the repair is not carried out within 39 minutes.

Search by commercial point
We use several tools to analyze your business and help you in this process. Population, per capita income of the city, presence of businesses and franchises in the region, as well as other factors, are always taken into account.

Scheduled visits to franchise stores

You can also schedule a visit to one of our 400 stores.

Operation with fixed royalties

We do not charge according to your billing..
The price is fixed.
86% of Market Share of the franchise market belongs to ConsertaSmart.
The market continues to grow.
The price of the gadgets is increasing and this helps to increase the number of repairs.
A customer fully trusts the brand and as a result he chooses ConsertaSmart.

All trainings are performed by certified technicians CREA-SP (Regional Engineering Council)

With a complete training material and our guides after our certification anyone is able to carry out maintenance on smartphones. We will maintain advanced technical support for the entrepreneur. If in doubt, we will be ready to support you. They are intensive courses in our matrix, accompanied by online material and practical classes. The intensive course is composed of:

Training includes:

  • Maintenance of Apple devices (Iphone, Ipad)
  • Samsung appliance maintenance (Galaxy Line, Galaxy TAB)
  • Maintenance of Motorola devices (Moto G, Moto X)
  • Maintenance of Nokia devices (Lumia Line)
  • Maintenance of Sony appliances (Xperia Line)
  • Maintenance of LG appliances
  • Maintenance of imported appliances

The training is based on the ConsertaSmart defect flowchart.

Quite different from the courses currently provided, the ConsertaSmart training consists of focusing on the main defects faced by the franchisee on a day-to-day basis.

  • We've covered 37 topics ranging from a simple one-button swap to a board repair using the manufacturer's manual service.
  • In addition, we apply a full software training.
  • The training will also teach the franchisee the use of various types of machinery.
  • Using external power supply
  • Use of rework station
  • Use of soldering station and microscope
  • At the end of the training, an evaluation is applied for certificate delivery.
  • Attention: Several franchises do not have professionals certified by CREA, and are not able to carry out training. Stay tuned.

As a part of ConsertaSmart, what do you get?

Ferramentas venda de franquia
  • 1) Permission to use the ConsertaSmart brand
  • 2) Online system with all videos, manuals, support to the franchisee, purchase of parts, and management of your technical assistance online.Customer can monitor your repair through the internet, and the entrepreneur can access the system from any point with the Internet.
  • 3) Visual identity, logos, and graphic arts for facade and internal adhesivation.
  • 4) Face-to-face repair training for smartphones, cell phones and tablets.
  • 5) Tools and instruments for repairing smartphones and tablets.
  • 6) Technical support
  • 7) Shared Advertising: Your unit will appear in all our National Disclosure campaigns. Google, Facebook, YouTube among other advertising channels such as billboards, radio advertisements and other media that may be carried out


Sistema próprio franquia

The ConsertaSmart system is a system of the franchise that includes everything from managing your unit to online training and technical support.

  • Work order management
  • Sales management of accessories
  • Insurance sales management
  • Device follow-up flow
  • Device reports produced
  • Running device reports
  • Billed appliance reports
  • Performance reports, average ticket and billing.
  • Parts Cost Reports
  • Price table
  • In-service input checklist

Sistema próprio franquia

Supports and training within the system:

  • Training videos
  • Disassembly videos of devices
  • Step-by-step disassembly and component replacement manuals
  • Software Directory for download
  • ROM directory and software for each device.
  • Defect flowchart system: You select the defect and the system shows step-by-step what should be done to solve the issue.
  • Technical support call opening
  • Parts Purchase System
  • List of parts of all brands
  • Values ​​and availability online
  • New features in the system and training are applied monthly following suggestions from the franchisees themselves.
  • Unique system, own and without similar in the national market.

Investments, advantages and next steps.

Initial investment

ConsertaSmart membership (training, tools, system and more) - $18.900,00
You can pay in 2X.

Attention: CITIES BELOW 30,000 HABITANTS with special conditions. Consult our team.

Monthly royalties

Cities below 350,000 inhabitants $ 990.00 Cities with more than 350,000 inhabitants $ 1,900

Contract term: 12 months renewable
Return on investment: 3 to 6 months
Start of operation: 30 days after signing the contract

Advantages of opening a unit of ConsertaSmart

  • Business with high growth in the country.
  • Low investment.
  • Home Based Operation.
  • Great winnings.
  • Provision of services.
  • Mark with national projection.
  • Standardized operation throughout the country.
  • Investment opportunity.

5 Steps to open your ConsertaSmart.

  • 1. Fill in the Form of Interest with desired city
  • 2. Make a telephone interview with our representative
  • 3. Receive a contract and sign it
  • 4. Training (1 week)
  • 5. Opening

Talk with us
our expansion departament are waiting for you:

Text to our sales team:

Opportunity to take ConsertaSmart to other countries.
International Master Franchisee concession for the first unit to be assembled in another country. Exemption of adhesion, in addition to subsidies and investment of the brand in your country.

Extra Compensation for training of new franchisees. Support and investment of the brand in advertising
Technical support by WhatsApp with experienced technicians and more than 300 franchisees

Complete management system

Constant technical training through the system with weekly videos

Certificate of operation

Credibility to the customer to capture devices. > Commercial consulting on how to get more handsets, increase billing, reduce costs with spare parts ..
Consult our expansion department now!

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