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What is the detected issue? NOKIA LUMIA 520 Não liga

This work order was opened to correct: Não liga , for device NOKIA LUMIA 520 on Lages. All repairs of our units are evaluated by certified and specialized professionals, guaranteeing an accurate analysis of your equipment, followed by correct maintenance with first line items.

Services was made in: LAGES

Rua Frei Gabriel n 280, Lages SC Cep: 885020-30 (Recesso 26/12 a 03/01)
Tel: (49) 30184789

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Service status:

  • Requested by: Josué
  • Status: SEM SOLUCAO
  • Situation update date: 10/07/2017
  • Model: celular (NOKIA LUMIA 520 )

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  • Aparelhos que não ligam mais
  • Problemas de aúdio
  • Problemas com Wifi
  • Problemas com LCD
  • Aparelho não carrega
  • Trocas de tela
  • Conserto de Carcaça
  • Troca de Bateria
  • Formatações e reinstalações
  • Limpeza Química
  • Recuperação de Aparelhos molhados


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