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Huawei loves dual rear camera systems so much that it's basically been employing this arrangement in all of its flagships and mid-rangers for a while now. Next year, though, the Chinese company may take things to a whole new level.

In fact, Huawei's next P-series smartphone - perhaps to be dubbed the P11 - might be showing up with not one, not two, but three cameras on the rear. This setup will allegedly enable 40MP photos, as well as 5x "hybrid zooming". Selfies won't be forgotten either, for you will be able to take 24MP shots with "low light enhancement".

The new Leica-branded optics of the main camera will capture 100% more light and a Pro Night Mode will ensure you "shoot gorgeous night scenes" without a tripod. To top things off, Huawei will be using some AI magic to let the camera app do "instant scene recognition" and auto framing.

Veja a imagem neste link.

All of this information comes from a digital artist at one of the company's creative agencies, who added the promotional materials you can see above to their portfolio. Interestingly, they have since been pulled and aren't available in the original location anymore - that may be a sign of these materials' importance or legitimacy. It's impossible to tell for sure at the moment, so do take this with an ever so slight pinch of salt.

Still, as Huawei was one of the pioneers of the dual rear camera setup, it wouldn't be extremely surprising to see the company amp things up by going with three lenses from 2018.

A slightly baffling detail in these marketing materials, which you may have noticed already, is the "Huawei PCE Series" branding. That could just be a placeholder for the real name - say, P11 - or perhaps the company will introduce a new flagship line that has camera performance as its main differentiating feature. This might also mean that the P-series will turn into the PCE-series, but we'll have to wait and see.


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